Bamboo Stick Yoga ~ Become Aligned & Grounded

Getting back to our true nature using gifts from Mother Earth ~ we experience immense grounding when we use bamboo sticks in yoga as the strong bamboo stabilises our bodies.

The powerful energy from the Earth’s core is drawn up through the bamboo and soles of out feet to experience a strong, connected, rooted warrior feeling throughout the practise.


This kind of yoga is beautiful and makes you feel like a warrior. Its based on Hatha movements but you can use your bamboo stick for most standing yoga poses to open up the shoulders and help with alignment of the back, arms, legs and it also helps with stability. I tried out bamboo stick yoga for the first time at H20 Yoga & Meditation Centre in Gili Air, and LOVED IT. If you live in a place with no bamboo ~ don’t fear just grab your nearest broomstick / mop / anything you can find!

           The Benefits of Using a Bamboo Stick with Yoga 

      • Prevents Sitting Disease
      • Increases Fitness to Enhance Brain Function
      • Improves Posture Alignment Allowing More Energy to Flow in the Body
      • Reduces Stress in the Body Improves Sleep
      • Increases Flexibility, Coordination, & Core Strength
      • Adds Fall Prevention through Balance Training
      • Promotes Faster Recovery from Surgery & Injury


Using a bamboo stick originates form the Chinese practice Qi Gong “The Qi Kong method “Duong Sinh” (life sustaining) Way of the Heart” and consists of four exercises based around the use of a long light stick. Each exercise consists of four movements; giving 16 movements in all. The movements in this particular Qi Kong method were invented by the elderly Mai Bac Dau, and revised by Zen master Tinh Tu. You can read more about the healing energy work of Qi Gong here.


Life sustaining Qi Kong, marvelous virtue,
Sixteen movements preventing disease and pain
Healing hundreds of different ailments
Long life, youthful health, peace of mind
Peaceful spirit shining snow-white
Qi’s rich life-giving force, a paradise for Man
Living with joy, walking with a light foot
Awake I smile, feeling free, I am home”

 Simple Qi Gong Energy Awareness Exercise

You will feel your Qi energy by using your hands with this simple exercise ~ its magical!

1. Close your eyes. Clear your mind and concentrate your attention on the palms of your hands.

2. Allow your breath to become slow, easy, without force.

3. Bring your hands together, with the palms touching. 

4. Slowly move your hands apart, keeping the palms aligned.When they are about 30 cm apart, slowly move them back together using the least amount of physical effort possible.

5. You will be compressing the air between the palms gently and slowly. 

6. Start to feel a warm or tingling sensation on your palms.

7. Move your hands slowly back and forth, varying the range. Repeat this moving in different directions: horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. You should feel a ball of energy in your hands! ~ This is Qi / Life Force / Pure Energy

This exercise cultivates Qi, builds awareness, and sensitises yourself. When you feel Qi energy for the first time, it changes your mind-set.


Let me know if you have tried Qi Gong or Bamboo Yoga I would love to hear from you!

Love and Light


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