'I hope to inspire, help and motivate others to find their inner voice, connect with their own intuition and ultimately find their true purpose in life.'

Designer ~ Yoga Instructor ~ Reiki Master 

My story so far

Like most inquisitive people in their twenties, my curiosity for finding the deeper meaning in life brought me on a crazy and unforgettable inner and outer journey across the world to discover my true purpose in life.

Being a naturally creative individual, I started my career as a fashion designer - soon to realise the fast fashion industry was not for me! Turning to my intuition for guidance, I became a traveling Yoga Teacher exploring Europe and Asia.

Settling for a while on a small island in Indonesia, I became a Reiki Master and teach Yoga at The Lombok Yoga House.

Still very much on my own journey, I decided to create this website to provide a loving space for others, in the hopes of starting a beautiful like-minded community, to share, encourage and inspire one another.

Love & Light Always,






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