Gumi Bamboo

'We Stand For A Plastic Free Ocean'

I met Gumi Bamboo at an Earth Day event in Lombok and was trurly inspired by this amazing company.
Empowering local youth & their family, Gumi Bamboo have big ambitions ~ their goal is to address the single use plastic polution problem in Lombok. They have been regularly planting bamboo to protect their environment preventing landslides whilst also providing environmental education for the local youth and women. 

"We are confident to be the first social enterprise driven by  local youth to supply the need of reusable bamboo straws in Lombok restaurants, bars, cafes, households and individuals."
Gumi bamboo have also been supplying their beautiful bamboo straws to many eco shops outside of Indonesia.

Gumi Bamboo was founded in Selong Belanak, a village in the southern part of Lombok ~ where bamboo is the most abundant plant available.
Gumi saw this as an opportunity to use a fully sustainable material to create beautiful bamboo straws and other eco friendly hand crafted items.


A social business empowering youth and their families in south Lombok, Indonesia.

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