Lombok Indonesia Earthquake Relief

Today we will go and help the victims in North Lombok, we will team up with the local Endri Foundation for Lombok Forgotten Children to take the victims supplies, and smiles. A 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Lombok Indonesia caused extensive damage on Sunday, August 5th killing more than 98 people, another followed just days after. I experienced both earthquakes and the damage is unbelievably bad here, read more about my story and what you can do to help the people rebuild their lives…

Talks With The Magical ‘Accurate AF Tarot’

It’s so rare that you ever come across your perfect tarot deck, some decks often look old-fashioned, frightening or confusing. This incredible Accurate AF Tarot Deck is so unique, modern, clean, beautiful and engaging ~ an absolute must for every modern-day spiritual being! We interviewed the creator of these magical cards… read about her inspirations, motivations and favourite books here

Spirit Dance ~ The Wonderfully Spiritual World of Indonesia

I have been living in Indonesia for 10 months now in North Sumatra, Bali and Lombok. As soon as I arrived I was hit with a huge culture shock. Religion, Mysticism, and Magic is a huge part of Indonesian culture. I have absolutely loved hearing the many stories about magic, ghosts, the ‘other world’ as they call it and spirits. I had heard about spirit dance before but never really knew what it meant, and then a close friend told me about how his sister becomes possessed by spirits and dances. It is a very common tradition here to have entertainment at ceremonies with people dancing who are possessed by beings or animals from the other world.

Sundried ~ Inspired by Raw Elements and Soulful People

Keep Spirit ~ Recieve 50% off at Sundried with our Discount Code. The British Men & Women’s Sustainable Sportswear Brand Inspired by the Raw Elements and Soulful Humans. Sundried Interviewed Me at Keep Spirit You Can Read My Honest Interview Here…

so we flow… Mens Organic Sustainable British Yoga Wear

so we flow… is an incredible sustainable menswear yoga brand with amazing ethics   It all started with a realisation, as men who did yoga were wearing ultra technical branded sportswear, old gym rags, cut-offs and bohemian mash-ups – or any combination of all 4! Male yogis weren’t the only ones. Climbers, traceurs, calisthenic athletes and movers

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Empowering Morning Rituals