~ Made By Nature ~ Eco-Friendly ~ 100% Ethical ~

Meet Angela, Creator of Milochie Eco Yoga ~ The Beautiful Ethically Pleasing UK Based Yoga Brand ~ 'Live Fair. Buy Fair.' Milochie focuses on people-centred values and sustainability. They create stylish and functional activewear crafted from natural materials.

Milochie's aim is to spread awareness and empower customers to participate in ethical and environmentally sustainable solutions.

As Yoga encourages mind, body and earth unity - Angela places this harmony at the heart of her brand Milochie.

'There is no better way to connect with nature than by helping to preserve it with stylish yet sustainable activewear.'

Milochie have even gone one step further and developed their own Miloflex® sustainable fabric ~ perfect for yoga and fitness.

Miloflex®, is a Tencel® fabric made from wood-pulp which comes from sustainably harvested trees that re-uses 99% of its waste. The fibres are naturally anti-bacterial, sweat-wicking, and biodegradable. Miloflex® is softer than silk, but cooler than linen. 

Keep Spirit got the chance to interview Angela, the Creator of the incredible Milochie Brand and heres what went down… 

Who or what inspires you? 

Nature, architecture, cultures and happy faces.

What is your biggest motivation?

We are living in a wasteful society, where nearly everything we own is 'disposable'. Many items are cheap in production, cheap on our wallets, but expensive for our environment. Our motivation is to help the planet. I realise that sounds unbelievably ambitious, but I think if everyone does their part, no matter how small, it all adds up to a positive change.

Tell us about your journey so far? 

The Milochie journey started 3 years ago. It has been 3 years of incredible growth, tears, laughter and motivation all in one. 

What do you consider as your greatest achievement so far?

Our new eco fabric, Miloflex. We spent an entire year developing a fabric that was comparable to high quality synthetic performance fabric but without the environmental damages so that you don't have to compromise on function and can be active guilt-free. Miloflex is made from sustainably harvested trees in a process that reuses water and is almost completely waste-free!

What are your top 3 values in life?

Look after our planet.

Be honest.

Be fair.

What is your mantra to live by?

Our mantra is #LiveFairBuyFair

Would you like to share anything else to inspire others?

Imagine a world where everything we wear is made by happy people and from materials that are grown by the sun. I think we are going through a movement where we are all re-discovering our connection with nature and that the true source of happiness is just that. Without nature nothing matters so we might as well work with it and perhaps even discover that what it has to offer is

far better than humans can ever create.

A huge thankyou to Milochie for your amazing brand spirit, beautiful designs and congratulations on your incredible new fabric Miloflex.

Check them out guys ~ their stuff is super ethical and so gorgeous! 

Love and Light


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