I’ve been travelling for almost a year now across Europe and Asia, mainly across Spain and Indonesia and along the way I have met so many incredible wonderfully inspiring people who are doing so much good for the world that we live in. Yes, at times travelling alone is tough, but it makes you strong - and we are never really alone. Its the best decision I have ever made in my whole life.

I left England with -£500 in my bank, I was told I was crazy, asked what was I doing? I was following my inner guidance and I don’t regret a thing. I have gained true friendships, met mentors, people who have pushed me, challenged me, people who have changed my view on life and even fell in love. I have had so many magical once in a lifetime experiences that I will never forget. 

I have decided to start interviewing inspirational people and share their stories in the hopes of starting to spread awareness about some of the amazing things people are doing. 

With these talks my goal is to enlighten and inspire others to follow their passions in life and not to be scared of failure or of what others may think of them. My hope is that people will start to realise and awaken to their true potential- to start listening to their own inner voice and see where it takes them…

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If you are doing something inspirational or you know someone within the field of creativity, yoga, personal growth, reiki, ayurveda, travel, community projects, organic & sustainable living, volunteer projects, or anything that may inspire others please get in contact here or drop me an email at info@keepspirit.co.uk

I would always love to hear from you - 

Love and Light 


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