A 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Lombok Indonesia caused extensive damage on Sunday, August 5, 2018, killing more than 300 people and displacing more than 20,000 from their homes. Another 6.2 earthquake followed just 4 days after on Thursday, August 9th.

It is almost impossible to buy food and water on the island. This fund will provide relief to people impacted by the earthquake in the form of emergency supplies like food, water, and medicine, in addition to longer-term recovery assistance to help residents.

All donations to this fund will exclusively support disaster relief and recovery efforts in Indonesia.

I was having dinner with my family when the first earthquake struck, the whole restaurant was shaking and the lights went off sending everyone into a blind panic, many were injured in the stampede to get out of the building. My family had to climb a nearby mountain as a Tsunami was predicted, luckily it never came. We slept outside, scared as there were countless strong aftershocks.  

When the second earthquake hit I was at work upstairs, the damage was still there from the first quake with cracks everywhere and ceilings coming in. As the 6.2 quake began the whole building was shaking, the ceiling started to collapse in as we covered our heads trying to escape the danger. We all sat in the carpark shaking as we realised the scare from the weekend was not yet over. Many buildings were completely destroyed in the quake and many places in the city are on the ground.

I have been so lucky, as I and none of my friends, family, or colleagues have been injured so far in these quakes, yet down my road, almost every house has collapsed to the ground and many people have died. I find this very hard to cope with and want to share this message to ask that however little you can afford to donate is greatly appreciated and needed. These people have nothing, their homes are completely gone, lives taken, they have no food, no water, no warm clothing and no electricity. 

Today we will go and help the victims in North Lombok, we will team up with the local Endri Foundation for Lombok Forgotten Children to take the victims supplies, and smiles. 

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