So last week I completed a 3 day water cleanse where I drank only Kangen water for 72 hours. I did this ‘fast’ to detoxify my body ~ as I recently visited an amazing Ayurvedic Lady who told me that my body was full of toxicity. I also love the feeling of absolute clarity you gain from doing a cleanse like this. I wrote about my experience every day ~ on the day! To give you a truly HONEST account of what a water cleanse really entails ~ I’m a scorpio so honesty is everything to me. Anyway I hope this inspires you to complete one of these, because on the last day I felt on top of the world and I want you to feel that feeling for yourself ~ its truly unique.

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Tuesday ~ DAY ONE

Today was surprisingly ok ~ I woke up and cleaned my tongue with a spoon and oh my god so gross! There was a LOT of white stuff ~ (which were toxins) coming out! I drank around 2 litres of water throughout the day and somehow managed to get through the whole day at work! Although I did have to leave the room when someone sat next to me eating chicken with her hands ~ more that I find it repulsive to hear other people eating rather than being hungry (I have misphonia). I haven’t actually felt that hungry yet, I have definitely had less energy than normal and wasn’t as tolerant of people as I usually am ~ I got annoyed inside super quickly and felt aggravated by people and loud noises! - but I managed to control my mind which I am proud of myself for.

I think I got through the day by keeping positive and when I looked at the clock I felt a sense of achievement that I had almost completed my first day. I did have a few thoughts of quitting when I was driving home ~ I wanted to buy cap cay which is like my favourite spicy vegetable noodle soup!

I did have a few negative thoughts like ‘why am I putting myself through this?’ ~ but I kept myself motivated by realising that I only have 2 days left and this time tomorrow I will be over half way!

Some tips I would recommend is mixing up how you drink your water ~ today I had bottled kangen water but then at work I drank hot water all day and when I felt really low on energy I did cheat and have one green tea!

It was strange when I got home as I would usually eat and work on something on my laptop so today I put on some music and started writing this ~ as I was writing a relaxing reiki song came on shuffle so I did a bit of yin yoga.

I don’t feel that comfortable ~ but I hope that tomorrow it will all get easier as the final day approaches! I just need to keep focused, motivated and stay calm!

Wednesday ~ DAY TWO

Arghh! Today was crazy. So I woke up at 5am (the nearby mosque woke me up), I managed to get a couple more hours sleep but when I woke up again I felt SO ILL. I was shaking and felt really lightheaded whenever I moved. I managed to drink some hot water and then had to lie down again! I was SO low on energy and I wasn't sure if I could make it to work.

I did a little self reiki session and then managed to have a shower and get ready and actually felt ok again - until when I was leaving the house I suddenly felt completely nauseous and boiling hot ~ like I was about to feint! I decided that maybe I should eat an apple (as I had to drive to work) - but as I was about to eat this apple I was suddenly sick everywhere! It was just black (so disgusting I know) - it was the rest of the toxins leaving my body. Afterwards I felt so much better and I didn’t even have to eat the apple which I am happy about!

Work today was HARD ~ I had zero energy and had to teach 4 x 120 minute classes which I did not find easy! The only thing that kept me going was that everyone around me was fasting also, (they cant even drink water ~ so I felt like if they could do it I could!) It was someones birthday today so there was CAKE right next to my desk ~ which surprisingly made me feel really sick looking at it (all the additives and sugar) I didn’t want to fill my newly clean body with that crap!

I kept looking at the clock and felt incredibly happy when 9pm came ~ HOME TIME! I suddenly had so much energy and felt so proud of myself for making it through another day. I thought to myself I’ve already done 2 whole days! Just one more to go! Today was super tough but I really think the toxins in my body have truly GONE and now its just down to surviving the final day! I’m so excited to see the results and I think the worst is definitely well and truly over.

Thursday ~ DAY THREE

Last day AH! I could not sleep last night until 2am and I woke up at 6am! I think when your body has no food to process you really save so much energy. I felt extremely nauseous again and thought about quitting ~ but I did some more research on fasting online and felt motivated again. I did have to cheat a little today and have a tiny sip of diet coke ~ my blood sugar was way too low and I felt like I was going to feint.

The day was ok I felt weak at some points but then I would have so much energy at others. Its definitely been the easiest of the 3 days and I could probably carry on if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m super hungry now. I think my body has eliminated all the toxins and Im ready to start eating again.

However I am going to be REALLY conscious of what Im putting into my body now ~ I don’t want to waste all my hard work. I will break the fast with a spicy vegetable soup thing ~ its basically a mix of boiled green vegetables, spinach, carrots, green beans, cauliflower, cabbage, chilli and garlic in a miso style sauce. Its super fresh and healthy ~ although I’m not sure I should eat chilli straight away, but I live in Lombok, Indonesia and am completely addicted to chilli! ‘Lombok’ even means Chilli!

I have to say this fast was easier than my last 2 ~ even though I was working full time, but I think the key is to stay in complete control of your thoughts. If your mind wanders just check yourself and don’t let it!

Anyone can do this fast ~ however I really recommend starting with a 24 hour fast and working your way up, as my first ever fast was for 5 days and it was so tough!


Oh my GOD ~ I feel AMAZING. Treated myself to a facial and went for a beautiful breakfast I had a berry smoothie and fresh fruit salad it was DIVINE. All I want is fresh healthy colourful food. My thoughts are crystal clear ~ I feel totally happy and SUPER healthy. My work clothes are loose I have lost weight ~ my stomach is completely flat and I have SO much energy. I recommend fasting to anyone ~ JUST BECAUSE OF THIS FEELING. Do it.

You can read here about the ‘Benefits of Fasting’, read all my ‘Fasting Tips’ and about ‘The Amazing Kangen Water’.

Good Luck Guys and Keep Spirit ~ 

Love and Light 


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