Talks with Nikki Stevenson ~ Founder of ‘Salt and Seed’

'Connect – Conserve – Create'

Meet Nikki ~ Creator and Founder of Salt and Seed; the home of Balanced Beet Yoga – a place to share, grow, love, be inspired, create and spread the love of yoga and life.

Nikki is an inspirational woman and yoga teacher ~ she is passionate about yoga and has travelled around the world learning the different forms ~ her style is a diverse ever evolving fusion of fluid and flowing movements, linking to the breathe and tuning into the body with awareness. Nikki teaches fabulous free online yoga so go check it out here. 

Nikki created Salt and Seed Yoga as a way to create beautiful, affordable yoga wear and mats to fit with her environmentally friendly ethics and values. Salt and Seed uses Hemp, Bamboo, Eco Rubber and Recycled Fishing Nets to create their gorgeous range of yoga products. You can see the full range here. 

Salt and Seed believes ~ 'Your outfit has the ability to influence your mood. If your having a bad day, you can turn it all around by putting on something you love!  If a pair of shoes can change cinderella’s life, imagine what the right yoga leggings can do! Save the world and look and feel good while doing it in.'

'We all have our own unique inner beet, our inner knowing and sense of self. 

Over time, layer upon layer this special beet, rhythm, truth of ours can get buried, hidden beneath outside influence and not so positive internal self talk. But it’s still there. 

Your power, love, beauty, strength, uniqueness and gifts are always within you.'

~ Nikki 

Keep Spirit got the chance to interview the incredible Nikki and heres how it went down… 

Who or what inspires you? 

I am inspired by people who live in alignment with their ethics and values, people who are their true selves no matter their surrounds. It can be challenging to step out of your comfort zone and break the mould that society can have us believe we need to fit it. It takes courage to be who you really are, these people inspire me. 


What is your biggest motivation?

Knowing that I am making a difference in this world, no matter how small it is at the moment. I believe in my brand and strive to continually create the most ethical and environmentally friendly products that I know how so when I receive positive feedback that I am on the right track, I am motivated to keep going. I am also motivated by other people that are living their dreams, who took a risk on what they are passionate about and whole heartedly follow that.

~ That passion motivates me. 

Can you tell us about your journey so far?

I created Salt and Seed as I was looking for a new yoga Mat and couldn't find anything that fitted with me. All the beautiful eco Yoga mats on the market at the time we're out of my price range and all the ones that I could afford didn't fit with my ethics and values. I started thinking about how many other people wanted to make environmentally friendly choices but just simply couldn't afford the eco ones and didn't realise how negatively the un-eco ones impact the environment. So I set out on researching what I would like in a yoga mat, what was important to me and how I could create a yoga Mat that was
~ beautiful, affordable and eco friendly. 

What is your favourite or most inspirational book?

I really enjoy anything from Osho.

What do you consider your greatest achievement so far?

My greatest achievement so far would be not giving up. Creating your own business and following your dreams can be very challenging and when the first production company I worked with to create Salt and Seed Eco Yoga mats stole all my money, I was left with nothing. They were a fake company that were scamming people and I was one of them. I had used all my savings, had borrowed money and already had taken deposits for pre-orders. I could have stopped there, paid everyone back and giving up on my business. It was scary to try again, but I am so glad I did. I believed in myself and my yoga mats and dived back in, saved more money and found a wonderfully ethical company who produces Salt and Seed for me. 


What are your top 3 values in life? 




(sorry can I add one more!) ~ Gratitude 

What is your mantra to live by?

'Love the life you live, live the life you love.'

A quote by Bob Marley that I loved long before I started living it. 

Anything else you would like to share to inspire others?  

We are all necessary in this world, we all have a purpose to be here. No one can do what you do like you can. We are all different for a reason, we are unique and each have a unique gift to offer.

Be yourself, believe in yourself. Live your life in a way that is true to you, discover your meaning and share your gifts.

Thank you Nikki ~ for such an inspiring interview and for creating Salt and Seed ~ you have added something beautiful and friendly to our world.

Love and Light


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