'Get out of your own way'

Meet the Creator of the gorgeous Accurate AF Tarot Deck ~ The Beautiful hand-drawn tarot cards featuring bright minimalism, in-depth symbolic meanings inspired by many divination methods.

It's so rare that you ever come across your perfect tarot deck, some decks often look old-fashioned, frightening or confusing. This incredible Accurate AF Tarot Deck is so unique, modern, clean, beautiful and engaging ~ an absolute must for every modern-day spiritual being!

You can explore the cards and read their in-depth definitions and meanings here 

Keep Spirit got the chance to interview the Creator of the incredible Accurate AF Tarot Cards and here's what went down… 

Who or what inspires you? 

 I find sound incredibly inspiring - Tibetan singing bowls, bamboo wind chimes, pan flute - anything that vibrates my soul I love...
Mother Earth is another one that fills my soul with energy - she is so powerful and a big reminder of our own power!

What is your biggest motivation?

My motivation stems from a constant need for growth. I always want more, more people more creativity more exploration more knowledge... the list goes on.
I love reflecting on months and years gone by and thinking 'whoa, things have changed 10 fold'

Tell us about your journey so far? 

I'll tell you briefly about my Tarot journey since that has been a prominent piece of my life this year!
For the longest time, I asked the universe repeatedly for something to pour my energy into, I had so much of it but NO direction... I was desperate to share my knowledge and love of divination with everyone that I possibly could... in early 2018 a soft moment of insight led to me sketching ideas for a deck of cards... this small idea morphed and grew into something bigger... 78 Tarot cards full of hand-drawn and digitally evolved media with bright minimalism, in-depth symbolic meanings and aspects from many divination methods. 
The Accurate AF Tarot Deck came to be!
In the beginning - I was doing this for myself; I wanted to create a deck that I could look at and find inspiration in times of hopelessness or confirmation in times of indecision... but I very quickly discovered that when you are doing something that fills you with happiness, other people can FEEL that, and they want a piece of it too. I realized this could finally be a way to help others become more mindful of the power they have within, perhaps this deck can be likened to guiding someone towards a light switch in their mind, one that they are unaware is there waiting for them.
What is your favourite or most inspirational book?
SO HARD TO CHOOSE! I think my top 3 have to be...
How to win friends and influence people ~
Despite the somewhat archaic name - this book was a huge reality check for me...a reminder that for goodness sakes we are one species be nice and you'll get the same back.
Big magic ~
Helped me to understand that fear is necessary and rather than hiding and shooing it away, I needed to embrace it and make space for it.
Law of attraction ~
Honestly, just a life changer, when you grasp the fundamental concept that life is energy and transcends the trivialities of everyday life, things just shift...

What do you consider as your greatest achievement so far?

Moving across the world alone & discovering my purpose in a foreign country.

What are your top 3 values in life?

Leave others' lives better than when you found them
Integrity - in every sense
Live with passion


What is your mantra to live by?

'Get out of your own way.'

Would you like to share anything else to inspire others?

My whole heart and soul has been poured into the Accurate AF Tarot deck.
This deck is so full of love and compassion, tarot cards are just paper but the energy they are capable of holding is phenomenal... a dear friend asked me,
"If this deck was a human child what would its intentions be?"
And I thought for a minute and came out with "it want's to be there for you, we all have questions, we all have times of despair and times of elation...this deck is here to be a gentle presence that will always tell you the truth and give you guidance towards solutions."

An absolutely huge thank you to Accurate AF Tarot for your gorgeous inspirational interview and for bringing these magical cards into existence! 

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Love and Light


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